Review: Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This was my third Taylor Jenkins Reid book and honestly, she is one of my favourite authors and one whose books I have to have a physical copy of.

Do you ever get so excited about something that you put it off to delay the gratification because you know once you indulge in whatever it is, you won’t get to have it again – at least not for the first time? That’s how I feel with TJR; I put off reading her books for as long as possible because I don’t want it to be over.

I decided to read her novels in order of when they were published, so I started with ‘Forever Interrupted’ first in 2020, followed by ‘After I Do’ in early 2021 and in August I read ‘Maybe in Another Life’. If I worked on a rating system, all would be five star reads for me.

Here is the synopsis for Maybe in Another Life.

Synopsis via Goodreads

I know that for some TJR can be hit-or-miss and I think I can understand why. Many of us like to escape into books, we like our stories to be neatly wrapped up at the end, with characters we can champion and who are maybe the best versions of ourselves, an idealised form of what we would like our perfect, non-messy life to be, but TJR brings the mess. Her characters, especially the female characters can be messy, they are flawed and real and true to life. I feel like they reflect back to us the parts of ourselves that we maybe don’t always like, the elements that make poor decisions, can be unlikeable and ‘difficult’. But for me, this is important. She is showing us real life and to me there is so much to be learnt from these characters and stories. It’s okay to try different ways to save your marriage. You aren’t the only person to have done a ‘bad’ thing, but you need to learn from it, discover why you acted that way and work on being better. You have to find your own way to grieve a loss and accept that others may not understand your process.

I adored Maybe in Another Life because it had all these elements. With parallel storylines we followed Hannah as she was forced to embark on a new chapter of her life. We watched as different decisions took her on different paths and what this meant for her and those around her.

I think we’ve all been in the position of wondering ‘what-if’ – what if I took that job? What if I did (or didn’t) date that person? What if I had decided to go out that night? And on and on and on. I even sometimes go so deep as to contemplate whether there are other mes out there living other lives on other timelines and what decisions they make, what lives are they living? Essentially, this book fed into all of that for me. But what I also liked was the idea that there isn’t just one path to happiness and our greatest mistakes or heartbreaks can lead to the greatest joys in our lives.

Next up on my list is One Ture Loves and I get the feeling that this one may make me cry…

Want to dive on into Hannah's life and find out where her choices take her? You can grab your own copy of Maybe in Another Life here.